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Sanitize Me

Efficient & Hygienic Sanitizer Dispensers
in Australia

Sanitize Me is a new business sector of Monumetal Industries Pvt Ltd, offering hand sanitizer dispensers and chemicals. These dispensers come with stands and can hold a large volume of chemicals.

Monumetal has been a trade supplier of custom metal products since 2002 with an ability to design, draw, and fabricate products.

We are all about innovation and improvement. Our products are based on the latest technology and made with high-quality materials.

Robust Units For Your Facilities

Due to the current outbreak of a pandemic, the situation has become inconsistent, and the demand for sanitizer stands and dispensers has increased.

We took this opportunity and started producing robust units for schools, sporting facilities, and high traffic areas.

Our Products

We have designed higher fluid volume units and alternatives to regular batteries with general powered units with AC and manual pump operation.

Our products are Australian made and designed with a base plate weighing 21 kilograms.

We are constantly improving our sanitizers’ stands to suit our customers.